Monday, March 8, 2010

march 6, 2010

jz recently, we go to ate anne's place..its my awaited day coz i know i gonna sing again and i surely gonna have fun was a birthday party of the nephew of ate anne's husband ..but the celebrant is not around , i dont know and i dont care what's the matter.
i got thr as early a s 10 am ..ate anne's only guest at that time is the mother's, ate luisa and her son ..thy spent the nyt wth ate anne already..oh well since its still early we go places like farmer's market and walmart bought stuff we might need in the party like wine, strawberries, more meat , a bottle of dressing ..jz a few and we left ..
as soon as we got back to ate anne's place ..we started cooking like pancit , one of the especialty of ate anne , of course her own made lumpia ..while randy the husband of ate anne do the barbequeing of the ribs ...oh thr huge and so yummy wth all ths sauces ...
me and luisa jz taking our time staying at thr bedroom while watching local tv shows ..coz the tv in the living room is being watched by her son and dan my husband ...
we had fun talking around wth some wine ..
well i had fun so much ..the eating proper starts at 3pm ..we are about 10 guests attended ..singing , eating, talking , taking pictures, u know jz all fun ..but at around 6 or 7 pm one by one left ..we got home like 7pm ..i able to bring home some foods from the party too ..

i love it evrytime thr is a coming party or get together ..its like all i want for now ..its our happiness , the filipinas in this foriegn country ..time to share stories , time be to together and have fun you know ,,,thats why i really wod say and believe that "MONEY CANT BUY HAPPINESS"...till my next story hmm ..muahhh

SOFIA'S bday

it was feb 27, 2010 ..we are gathered in Mexicalli bar and grill where the disco party will be held .. im wth ate anne, ate lori , the older sister of ate anne, and ate luisa wth her fiance...we got thr way too early at 9pm but the party proper starts at 11pm .. so me wth ate luisa wonder around first going to marriot hotel where they had checked in and gonna spend the nyt ..took some pictures and talking each other as passtime ..
going back to the place ..i know im not having that fun was disco plus the music is reggae of mexican songs ..its not good for me ...i dont like it ..but what can u do if you are there already i jz go wth the flow ..
mostly guest are african ..thy are black and big women but take note they still are sexy ..wearing casual and fitted outfit ..well they look gud and jz having fun ..well of course because teh celebrant is an african too ..i know sofia is friendly, she would approached us on our table and ask how are we doing .. jz that she cant as always stay wth us because there are a lot of us needs her attention , so what she do is go from one table to another ...
until we left at past 2am and ate anne stay at ate lori's house .. we had snack b4 we go to bed ..
in the morning , i had a hot choco and couple of pancakes then at about 9am , randy the husband of ate anne came to pick us up ...
got home at 10 am ..but unfortunately dan is not home anymore and accidentally all doors is locked and i still dont have the key duplicated ..tnx goodness of mike our boarder have me used his cellphone and i contacted ate anne and told teh story ...
and so after 30 min ..the couple is back ..i stayed in thr house until late at nyt waiting for dan my husband who gonna pick me up after work .. we left at 10 pm that was i think so thankful to ate anne for there time and understanding ..

guess thats it for now ..i wod say ..SATISFACTION AND CONTENTMENT IS WHAT MAKES ANYONE'S HAPPINESS!!....muahh

ate luisa at san diego

it was feb 26, 2010 ..that the couple ate ann and randy came to pick me up at 2 in the afternoon .. and we are now heading to san diego , travelling half an hour or almost an hour to get thr ..we are in a jeep vehicle...
we had our dinner over thr serving filipino foods like ..pinakbet, lumpia, beefsteak, and more others i jz really dont know or i forget the names, hmm so yummy , i had a full belly ..wth toron as dessert but b4 that we had snacks like marshmallow and banana dipped in a melted chocolate , we had beautiful cup cakes all in different flavors like chocolate , vanilla , mocha...wth wine.
i met her fiance named daniel , an attorney and her 2 children , daughter is 16 yrs old and son of 14 yrs old ..
looking forward for more visits in thr place next tiem ..hopefully wth my husband ths time...